Della Born is a combination of the Latin words Della and Born, which means noble, and means "precious birth." 

 As an inner beauty and skincare brand with collagen, an essential ingredient to maintain our youth, 

 it is a clean beauty brand that pursues beauty both inside andoutside. 

 It is a leader in K-beauty, 

 which is in the process of exporting to more than 30 countries abroad and is loved by many people.


The moment you meet Della born, you will be reborn.

We found the answer from the nearby sea to 

protect my skin from the distinct four-season climate.

Marine Collagen resembles the structure of hanok tiles, which are 

densely packed into finer shapes than ordinary collagen and are tightly woven. 

And, unlike its soft appearance, Korea's philosophy of external and internal strength, which means

 a strong heart, is very similar to DELLA BORN's product philosophy that cares from the inside of the skin.