Essential; Collagen

 All animals, including humans, have a lot of collagen, a kind of protein.

 But as you get older, your collagen levels start to drop, and 

your body produces fewer and fewer low-quality collagen.

 Therefore, collagen care is essential.

Why Marine Collagen?

Marine collagen is classified as type I collagen. 

 Marine collagen is not mainly type II collagen, which is suitable for joint health, 

but type I collagen, such as collagen from the body's most abundant type of skin cells. 

 Marine collagen helps the skin recover on its own and promotes collagen synthesis in the body.

Marine Collagen, Eco-friendly and Universal

Marine Collagen is one of the best collagen for vegans.

Marine Collagen is the most sustainable and eco-friendly collagen 

made from fishing by-products that are discarded if not used. 

 Marine collagen is better for the skin than collagen in land animals and

is a universal collagen. The reason is that the risk of contamination is low, there is 

no possibility of transmission from fish, and it is not a problem in certain cultures or religions.