Della Born does not approach consumers vaguely.

We are devoting all our time and effort towards the following to suit the skin of modern people. 

1. Reliable best raw materials

2. Cosmetic experts participate in R&D

3. All safety tests completed

4. Production according to global standards to secure global competitiveness 


We make your safety our number one priority.

US FDA registration, European CPMP, India CDSCO in progress HACCP certification, CGMP, ISO, etc. are being researched and produced in reliable facilities.


With certificates researched and produced in reliable facilities that have completed various certifications

Della Born has a certification that a forest management system led by an 'NGO' that evaluates and monitors whether managers are implementing sustainable forest management in accordance with the standards and indicators of forest certification and carrying out environmental, economic, and social policies.

It received the green rating, which is the lowest among the ‘EWG Rating’, which divided the harmful ingredients rating by ‘EWG’, the most influential non-profit environmental movement group in the United States. Hazardous ingredients can be judged to be the safest. Della Born focuses on clear skin for everyone from start to finish.

Now you can meet Della Born wherever you want.

Meet Della Born, no matter where you are.

Della Born received a lot of attention from customers at the same time as the brand was launched and proudly established itself as one of the best collagen brands in Korea. It is available in various drug stores as well as large open markets, and is especially popular through SNS. In addition, it is starting to receive a lot of attention not only in Korea but also abroad, and it is expanding into more countries and establishing ourselves. Currently, Della Born can be found in countries on various continents such as Japan, China, Taiwan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Australia, India, the United States, Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, and Hungary, and it will expand into more countries. Especially in Taiwan, it is sold in department stores.